Gobble Stop Smokehouse

Gobble Stop Smokehouse
1227 Castillon Arcade Plaza, Creve Coeur, MO


Overall Rating: 9 Stars
Food Rating: 10 Stars
Service Rating: 9 Stars
Atmosphere Rating: 8 Stars
One word review: Scrumptious!
Style of restaurant: Order at counter, sit and they bring it out to you.

Hubby told me about this place about a year ago. He found it by chance one day while looking for a place to eat lunch. He wanted a place close to work and had fast service. So he decided to give this place a try because of the long line to get in, he figured it must be good. That weekend we went.  They were packed. Not that it would take much for them to be packed since the seating is limited to about 8 tables in a very small place. Thankfully the weather outside was delightful and they do have outdoor seating (thus the 8 star rating). The place has a cozy feel and isn’t all that loud considering the small square footage. The friendly man at the counter – who seems to know everyone he who comes in – took our order and served it to us outside. He came back once to see if we needed a refill on drinks. The food was incredible. Their specialty – Turkey. They also serve chicken…nothing else. Which sounds limited but honestly there are plenty of things from which to choose. They have an ample amount of side dishes with wide range of variety.
Recently we went again. To our delight nothing had changed. Except this time we did get a table inside. Because it was later in the day and because of the holidays a lot of people were off, they were out of the turkey tenderloin. I ordered the fried turkey sandwich with green beans and sweet corn nuggets as an appetizer. My husband ordered the same sandwich but got fries. We sat for maybe five minutes and the appetizer came out. Five minutes later our food came.

Those photos truly don’t do the food justice. It is very good. First the sweet corn nuggets were just scrumptious! Lightly sweet with the right amount of corn, good texture. They are wrapped in a cornbread breading and deep-fried. They give you a sauce to dip them in. It is mild, creamy and full of southwest flavors that compliment the nuggets well. I ate half with the sauce and half without.

As for the sandwich it comes with onion and pickle on top. I removed them – I forgot to order without them. I wasn’t disappointed. Oh my! Full of fresh, hot turkey flavor complimented with a smoky, slightly tangy sauce. The bun was soft, but not soggy. I can’t remember what kind of cheese they put on it, but it tasted like mozzarella. You can get BBQ sauce added to any item. I chose to use the Sweet n Smoky sauce as a dip.  Very tasty.
The green beans were perfectly cooked – or at least the way I like them. They were soft,  not mushy, and perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper. They did have onion chunks added.

Because of the smallness of the place if you need anything you can just raise your hand and they will come help. Which wasn’t a problem for us.

The best part of the whole experience is the price. For the amount of quality, fresh food that you get, I believe it is very affordable. For the two meals with drinks and an appetizer we spent $22. Seriously.

A few more things to know about them: They do cater and offer carry-out. You can get more info from their website – gobblestopsmokehouse.net

I highly recommend this place. You won’t be disappointed in the food, but you may not get a place to sit.


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