5 Star Burgers

5 Stars Burgers
312 S Kirkwood Rd, St. Louis, MO ~ There are 2 other locations

Overall Rating: 9 Stars
Food Rating: 10 Stars
Service Rating: 10 Stars
Atmosphere Rating: 9 Stars
Price Range: $8-$20 a person
Few words review: They have perfected the art of cooking burgers!
Style of restaurant: Sit down

Hubby and I were roaming around Kirkwood (which is the home to some of our fav. restaurants) and decided to give this place a try.  Parking is available on street or in the back. It looks a little plain from the road, but it had outdoor seating which is covered.

We sat outside (I like outdoor seating and will always choose it) but no one else was out there and they seemed busy. The menu seemed small but had a good selection of burgers and other sandwiches. The statement at the top reads, “Five Star Burgers does thing differently. We have been providing All Natural, Hormone and Antibiotic FREE Beef since 2008.”  Knowing that I took a chance at the Turkey Burger (fresh ground all-natural turkey breast served with a cranberry-peach chutney…9.50) and my hubs got the Crispy Pale-Ale Battered Cod (creamy cole slaw, pickles, spicy remoulade…9.75). I don’t normally like turkey burgers, but the chutney intrigued me. It took about 15 minutes after we ordered that our food came out. The waitress made sure our glasses stayed filled and was attentive even though we were on the patio. The food was so good. I have never tasted a turkey burger that fresh. The patty itself was seasoned with salt and pepper and the chutney was sweet, not overly, and added a nice flavor that brought out the taste of the turkey. I also had the provolone cheese added. You could also choose to have an avocado on top. Truly, it was just spectacular. I ordered the sweet potato fries* and they seemed freshly made. They were soft but crunchy; they didn’t wilt when you picked them up. My husband kept saying “you have to try this.” He said it tasted like they caught it that  afternoon. He loved the flavor without the strong fishy taste.  He put the cole slaw on top of the fish. He ordered small regular fries with his. I like a fry with the skins on and these didn’t disappoint.

When we left we knew we would be back. And…

We went there for Father’s Day with our two adult sons. This time we ate inside. It was okay. The seats were a little worn. There wasn’t any music playing.  We found out they have a downstairs! Which we didn’t go down there so I can’t tell you what it is like down there. There is a one room restroom upstairs. It was clean.

We ordered fried pickles for an appetizer. They came within 8 minutes. They were pretty good. They were a thicker pickle slice and had a stiff batter covering and were served with a cucumber sauce that complimented the pickles perfectly.

(sorry about the lack of photos and the lack of food in the photo…I forgot to take it before we ate most of them. It was full)

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.28.38 AM

This was a small order of fried pickles.

I ordered the Turkey Burger again because I have been craving it!! Oh my it really is good and it is turkey so hopefully the calories are lower, right? My Hub ordered 5 Star Burger (our natural creekstone farms angus burger served with a garnish of lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle…8.75) and enjoyed it thoroughly. I guess I should add that all burgers are 1/2 lb patties. All toppings are on the side. Even Ketchup and Mustard. They bring it out in those little cups (pictured) so you can add as much as you want. He ordered his well done and it was cooked perfectly. Son#3 ordered The Gateway
(smoked bacon, cheddar, battered onion rings, and our own barbeque sauce…9.75) and Son#4 ordered The Potsticker (grilled all-natural duroc pork served with vietnamese style slaw and a roasted peanut hoisin sauce…9.95). I don’t how they tasted but both of them were very pleased. They liked the freshness of their burgers and buns. The buns have a pretzel appearance and taste but is so soft, so I don’t they are pretzel buns. The Potsticker looked so good I am going to order that next time. Speaking of next time, I for sure am going to try one of their Grown-Up Shakes. I have it on good authority that they are quite tasty.

My sons wanted to go to Red Robin, but after they tasted the food they were so glad we went here. They were impressed. Though on their budget it was a bit expensive for them.

I don’t know if this review helps but I hope it will motivate you to go there for yourself. You won’t be disappointed or leave hungry.

*Sides do not come with the burger, you have to order a side. I suggest ordering a large and sharing it. A large will easily feed 2 maybe even 3.


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